June 4th – August 20th

Cambridge League


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Download Spond and register to sign up for Cambridge League, if you already have Spond simply enter KTZMO in the app!

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Download Spond (Google Play/Apple Store) and enter code KTZMO | Read our Welcome post and follow the instructions including answering our polls so we can assign you to the right team.

2. When assigned to a team answer “attending” to a game and pay £5 (you can use it for the following game if you find out you can’t play that week)

3. (Optional) Join one of our training sessions (first two free) before your first game and start to learn the rules and how to play

4. Turn up to Coldham’s Common at our diamond wearing athletic clothing and trainers you don’t mind getting muddy (or football/rugby boots) and report to your team manager.

5. Play the game at whatever level of baseballing ability you currently possess and have fun!

6. If you still want to play after 1 month you will need to pay our National Governing Body fee and from your third training session onwards you will need to purchase our Basic Membership (£30). If you decide baseball is not for you, you can simply leave before this point having tried a new sport! 


Cambridge League Pricing (Summer):

Each player will pay £5 for each game they play. This fee will only be charged when they click “attending” on the event in Spond. If you have paid your fee and then cannot attend, your fee will rollover to the following week.

After 1 month each player will be required to pay a £25 National Governing Body fee (goes to the British Baseball Federation) to continue playing. If after 1 month you are no longer interested in playing you can simply withdraw by not paying your fee (you can always pay the fee and come back if you want to).




How does the league work?

  • Games will run from 04/06/2024 – 20/08/2024 every Tuesday (18:00 – 20:00)
  • 8 Games for each team
  • Two teams will play each Tuesday | The other two teams will have a bye week
  • This ensures we have a healthy roster of spare players if needed and those on bye weeks can focus on training for that week.
  • 5 Inning games (no new innings after 1h 45m) / 5 run limit per inning except for the final inning
  • Teams will be rolled over from the last Cambridge league and new members will be allocated based on ability and experience 
  • Teams will rank in a league based on Wins and Losses.


No! One of the main ideas behind the local league is that new players with no experience of the game can play competitive games without having to make the jump to playing in the National Leagues. If you have never played before we would strongly advise attending training (dates will be on Spond) which will run before and during the Cambridge League. Your first two training sessions are free but afterwards you must purchase our Basic Membership (£30 for the year). 

We will cover all the rules and provide you with all the equipment you need to play (helmet, bat, balls and glove). You will want to be wearing weather appropriate atheltic clothing and trainers (may get muddy) or football/rugby boots. A bottle of water is essential if the weather is warm and a cap is useful if you have one!


Who can join?

The league is open to anyone over the age of 14 of all genders. Those new to baseball are encouraged to join to practice and gain game experience in a low pressure (but still competitive!) environment.

For more further details and information on how to find us please click here




The league starts on June 4th 2024 and will end on August 20th 2024. This will hopefully allow each team to play 8 times. Players should arrive the Coldham’s Common at 18:00, first pitch will be at 18:30 and we aim to be leaving the field by no later than 20:00 (if you need to arrive late or leave early just inform your team manager). If you are enjoying the Cambridge League speak to a member of the committee about joining the club and potentially joining the roster of one of our national teams.

How does field set up work?

All players will help with field set up and clear up. We have a quick field set up system in place but we expect all players to chip in and help.